Thursday, March 27, 2008

Reasons you should read John K's blog

If you’re an artist of any kind, I sincerely believe you should read John K’s blog.
I can’t believe how much useful information is stored there for anyone interested in anything creative.

For those who aren’t aware, John Kricfalusi is the creative wonder behind Ren and Stimpy and the Spumco Empire. Completely inspiring and entirely down-to-earth, John will give you theories and tutorials, advice and opinions and just a down right pleasant read.

John’s blog from time to time will feature projects he is working on, to see the roughing out of something that will turn out much bigger is really rewarding and a great demonstration of how a piece is born.

Through the site you might also stumble upon blogs by Katie Rice, Kali Fontecchio and Marlo Meekins, (all of whose work is great motivation to keep drawing), while in keeping with the Spumco style also bring along a whole new interpretation.

In short, read it….you will learn things!


Check out the wiki for Spumco


Beth said...


I noticed you had created a blog on here. Just thought I would say hi. You are more than welcome to peruse my lame musings on music etc. PS I added your site and this one to my links section. Hope that is okay.

K said...

hey beth!!

that's awesome! I didn't know you had blogs! I will add your music one to my list of handy dandies as I'm sure it'll inspire people!
Thanks for adding mine :D

Beth said...

That's okay, we can have a right old little community going. You cover arts, Gerard covers film and I cover music. We just need to find a role for Chris. PS looking forward to coming over for Sweeney Todd :)