Friday, August 15, 2008

Burlesque Review

So I completed my first ever review this month for publication... I don't have alot of confidence in my writing, but I gave it a red-hot go and am quite happy with it.

The Burlesque hour...She's Back! at Forty Five Downstairs (Melbourne, Vic)

Originally Published on Arts Hub Australia on 11th August 2008

If your image of burlesque involves demure girls peeping provocatively from behind an oversized feathered fan, then you're in for a shock.

Moving away from the stereotypical image of perfectly formed females performing for their demanding audience, The Burlesque Hour at the pleasantly-suited 45 Downstairs invites you inside for a warm, adult-friendly variety hour.

There is always a risk of a show appearing exploitative when a woman is exposed (especially on the stage), but the girls truly own their sexuality, demanding nothing but your respect and attention.

Their confidence and comedy about the risqué puts you at ease, making even the truly bashful comfortable.

Although seeming a little too silly in its opening minutes (a simian striptease comes off as kitsch), you're soon presented with a diverse, exciting range of performers who suck you in to their amazing world.

The returning presence of edibles was a nice treat for those who appreciate decadent foods – you may even get to sample a strawberry or two!

Rushing the stage is Yumi Umiumare, an over-excited schoolgirl flipping underwear into the audience with wild abandon. She's a pocket rocket who punctuates the show with her high-energy performances.

With her Moscow circus pedigree, Azaria Universe does the show proud, bringing your attention to the female form. Constricted with elastic bands across her body, she demonstrates her ability to make the lumps and bumps into the most amazing and beautiful spectacle.

In a moth-like state raining paper butterflies onto close-enough audience members, you can’t help but appreciate the beauty of her routines.

Moira Finucane, the show's co-creator, performs with a wonderful edge – she is a physical artist who proves that milk is an amazingly effective medium. Leaving you laughing with the bizarreness of it all, Finucane’s snippets are loud, adventurous and fun.

Special guests The Town Bikes are seriously cute and make a fantastic addition to the team; I can’t recall seeing a catchier dance routine. Maude Davey is a little understated as a guest performer, but ensures you’ll long remember her with a strawberry surprise!

The Burlesque Hour was an outrageous, 90-minute blast, both a fantastic way to start your night out and a definite after-show conversation piece.

Moira Finucane and The burlesque hour

Burlesque Wiki Definition

Friday, April 4, 2008

it's a MAD world

The first issue of MAD magazine

I've been a big fan of mad magazine since i was a kid. When I was younger I might not have understood the jokes as much as I do now, but man they had some great artists.
One of the best things about buying mad was the fold-in on the back and while the Q & A might have flown over my head I never could work out how Al Jaffee got those things to work!
Another favourite of mine was the very noir Spy Vs. Spy by Antonio Prohías, it's great example of negative space and simple clean linework.

NY Times have (awesomely) put together an interactive MAD fold-in website!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


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I have an announcement...... I can colour to some degree in photoshop....and I'm drawing again!!

If you want to start to learn how to colour in photoshop using your own drawings check out

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Reasons you should read John K's blog

If you’re an artist of any kind, I sincerely believe you should read John K’s blog.
I can’t believe how much useful information is stored there for anyone interested in anything creative.

For those who aren’t aware, John Kricfalusi is the creative wonder behind Ren and Stimpy and the Spumco Empire. Completely inspiring and entirely down-to-earth, John will give you theories and tutorials, advice and opinions and just a down right pleasant read.

John’s blog from time to time will feature projects he is working on, to see the roughing out of something that will turn out much bigger is really rewarding and a great demonstration of how a piece is born.

Through the site you might also stumble upon blogs by Katie Rice, Kali Fontecchio and Marlo Meekins, (all of whose work is great motivation to keep drawing), while in keeping with the Spumco style also bring along a whole new interpretation.

In short, read it….you will learn things!


Check out the wiki for Spumco

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

dreams and memories.....

my home town- taken by me 2008

It is intensely interesting for me to see an adult interpreting experiences from their childhood with a real sense of nostalgia.

Young-at-heart Michel Gondry is known for placing elements of himself in his films, he often relates his dream as a child in which his hands would grow to an immense size, having trouble being convinced when he woke that his hands were of normal proportions.

It 's obvious that this dream really affected him featuring in a film-clip Gondry did for the Foo Fighters’ “Everlong” and re-appearing in his 2006 film “The Science of Sleep”.

Recently , I went to see "Be Kind Rewind" the new movie from Michel Gondry. The characters portray two, you might say 'immature', video store clerks who end up erasing all the video tapes on their shelves, (due to Jack Black's magnetised head of course!). The only way to solve this problem is for the boys to re-record all the movies using themselves as the stars.

To me, the movie is totally endearing, I feel like a kid watching my friends get themselves out of a sticky situation.

I am hoping there is someone reading who would like to contribute, and with your permission I would love to share your work on this blog (with full credit to you of course). Your work might inspire others! give it a go!

What is your favourite childhood experience/memory?

If you draw your memory inspired picture be sure to post it, I'd love to see what you come up with!


Why not visit for inspiration? you can even contribute your own dreams for interpretation

Try a Flickr search for Memory and see what other people remember!

Monday, March 24, 2008

first post.

So, the epic first blog that will not be so epic.
Scribble bird will bring you casual inspiration. It will be an arts-themed record showing you my attempts art art and what I find amazing.
It's the quiet bird at your window.

Please check out the Brett Whiteley website. It is the most amazing website for a most amazing, artist.

For digital sweeties visit photoshop disasters, nice to see people making mistakes.